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I’m a health care professional and did the course and was very impressed with the content and how professional it was. It was presented in a clear way with Karen being extremely knowledgeable and patient with such a large diverse group. Karen has a lovely calm demeanour which made her very approachable and offered an ideal learning environment. The course included demonstrations of group Hypnotherapy and various individual Hypnotherapy sessions, which were recorded and filmed for learning. The results were amazing, and with their guidance, we were able to practice on each other and leave the course with the necessary skills and information to perform effective Hypnotherapy. The written component and case studies required before qualification were very well planned and really helped to consolidate the learned skills acquired from the course. The course was also very enjoyable and was a great opportunity for meeting a diverse group of people with a common interest. I have signed up for more courses in this coming year and would highly recommend The KEW Training Academy to anyone wishing to become a Hypnotherapist. 

JS, Cheshire





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