What’s Inside…?

Well, what kind of a question is that, you might ask? When I refer to the Inside, I mean the Inner part of you….the real, authentic you, your Soul, your Consciousness….

Do you think that it cares about what is on the Outside? What is the Outside?

Do you think the real, authentic you cares if you have the latest gadgets, the latest designer clothes? Do you think it cares if you have a few wrinkles or conforms to society?

When did society tell us that botox is needed the minute you start to look your age? When did society tell us to have the latest designer clothes or phone?

Did Society tell us? If you stripped yourself bare of everything you “think” you should have, what would be left?

What would your feeling be? 

Do those things give you a sense of security? Do they make you “feel good?”

What if you could stand, just as yourself? With nothing else that anyone else has, but with yourself as the natural being you are? 

Would there be a sense of vulnerability?

What is it like for you to feel that and if you can’t – then what are you hiding behind?

Karen x

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