This is a highly specialised training package put together to ensure an amazing 9 days of teaching for you to become a Regression Specialist.

Our 9 day course (split over 2 months) covers Hypnosis, Age & Past Life Regression, Advanced Past Life Techniques, Future Life Progression & Life Between Lives & Parallel Quantum Lives.

If you have ever wanted to learn the skills of how to take your clients into these incredible realms, this is the course for you!

We will cover:

  • Hypnosis – A through understanding of this subject will be covered during the course so that students who want to learn the skills of Regression can ensure they have a good understanding of the subject matter as a foundation to moving into Regression.


  • Age & Past Life Regression – How to take your clients back into events within this lifetime and Past Lives. Learning about the Origin Of Distortion & other significant points in childhood which sets up the karma for this lifetime and how that has affected every Past Life. Knowing how to take your client into their Past Lives from a curiosity point of view and how to take them back into Past Lives where the issues are still affecting their current life. Exploring the recognition of Souls from that life into this, contracts & promises made in Past Lives and clearing and healing any residual energy from those lives. Looking at singular & multiple Past Lives and much more!


  • Advanced Past Life Techniques: Learning unique techniques to heal what is holding your client back right now. Looking at karmic wheels, clearing and healing the genetic lines, healing DNA from Past Lives and more. 


  • Future Life Progression: Understand how your client can change the course of their life right now, understanding the techniques to take them 5, 10, 20 years in the future in this life and exploring their Future Lives – whether on Earth or other planets. Understanding how their karmic choices now affect the future not only in this life but in future incarnations.


  • Life Between Lives – Exploring what happens in between the clients incarnations but also having an understanding of the illusion that creates the trap of the soul and the Astral Veil. Knowing how and when your client can break free of the illusion and finally get freedom from the reoccurring beliefs, patterns even after the passing of the soul. 


  • Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) – Here we will take all our knowledge that has been learnt so far and extend it to Parallel Quantum Lives. Here we extend the possibilities of Consciousness and see the blocks on repeat within the Physical, Astral & Mental Planes. 


All together an incredible 9 days that take you from start to finish to become an incredible Regression Specialist. These techniques are revolutionary and not taught in any other course content elsewhere. Experience the freedom from the illusion within yourself and allow that foundation to move your clients forward.

Full support is given during the training weeks, between the training weeks and for 12 months afterwards in a private dedicated forum. To obtain your Qualification, 5 case reviews must be submitted after the training dates.

Next Dates:  TBA

Location: Wrightington Hotel, Wrightington, Lancashire WN6

Price: £1249.00

Once payment has been made, your place will be confirmed by email within 1 business day. No refunds are given on Classroom courses but you can change to alternative dates. 



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