If Hypnosis, Past Lives, Future Lives, Between Lives have all fascinated you – then our 9 Day Regression Specialist course is for you! 

I have bought together all the elements of Regression teaching from my many years experience as a tutor in this field, to offer you an incredible specialised training all in one! 

The course is 9 days and is split over 2 months allowing each course to be fully understood and practised before we move into the deeper realms of Regression as we work through the 9 days. Not only will you have your own experience as part of the training but you will also experience as the therapist how to do the sessions. With absolute full support during the course, between the course dates and for 12 months afterwards, you will have all the tools that have taken you from a beginner in this field to one of the most confident and competent within these specialised fields. 

There is so much learn within the course and there will be new subjects covered such as what keeps a Soul stuck within the illusion it has created or has been created by others and the Astral Veil which is also part of that illusion.

It will be a groundbreaking course with techniques and your own learning which then allows you to have the tools to assist your clients to move forward in life. 

Taking place in July & September this year in Islington, London N1, come and join us. I promise, it will be incredible! 

Karen x

Email: hello@kewtraining.com

Tel: 01257 254692

Web: www.kewtraining.com

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