Is there ever a point when you feel like you are “done?” Not in, had enough (although you might feel like that too 😉 ) but that you have accomplished it all and therefore there is nothing else for you to do?

What does accomplish it all mean anyway? What it means to you, might be completely different to me. In Society – what does it mean? Have you reached the top? Do you have “everything?”  

You may have everything materially but really inside, you may have nothing. What is the purpose of living this life? Is it to live it out as stressed as possible, striving for deadlines, trying to give everything to those we love, or ourselves?

When you have the latest expensive car, expensive house, TV, iPads, whatever – WHAT COMES NEXT? What is there other than the riches of material wealth?

What about the inner riches, which once looked inside at, mean more than anything in a material sense? What is being inner rich? If you were to connect with the vast richness of who you really are inside, everything on the outside in a material sense wouldn’t matter.

You wouldn’t have to strive, you wouldn’t have to stress because the inner navigation would open it’s doors to all the riches you would ever need……

So, if you think you are done – remember it is always a doing.

There are spiritual teachers on this earth who still observe themselves in every moment, noting their reactions to the outside world and their inner world.

This is the real work, once you make that inner connection and connect with those riches the real you wants to show you inside, everything else in this crazy world seems irrelevant…… 

Karen x

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