Moving Through Consciousness with Parallel Quantum Lives –

How to Change Your Reality NOW & In The Future!

Join Karen E Wells & Katie Webber for an enlightening & amazing 2 days discovering that your world is your creation – & how you can move through your own levels of consciousness to explore & see exactly that!

Is it really possible to change your reality NOW & in the Future? YES!

Can you leave behind the dogma of the conditioned you and awake to what you can achieve & want? YES!

Your world is your creation – everything that exists within it has come from you!

During this 2 day workshop, you will go on a deep inner journey & be given the tools to access the parts of your consciousness that needs to heal.

Not just this lifetime, but all your other lives that exist right now.

There are no Past Lives, No Future Lives – EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING NOW!

As you move through the layers of your consciousness, you will see those moments in time that are stuck within your energy, within this life and your other lives. All of those moments accumulate to what you are projecting as your world right now.

So, if you are projecting these moments, you can change and heal them.

Welcome to Moving Through Consciousness with Parallel Quantum Lives!

Date: 2 & 3 February 2019

Location: The Retreat Houses, Peregian Beach, Sunshine Coast, QLD

Price $599 

(Includes 2 day Workshop, Morning Chi Gong on the beach and overnight accommodation at The Retreat Houses)

Contact Katie Webber to reserve your space:

Phone 0407 167 723


Payment in full is required to guarantee your place.

You can pay via bank transfer or via credit card. Limited Spaces available.

Karen E Wells

Karen is an established therapist & tutor from the UK with many year’s experience of successfully helping thousands of clients and students to move forward in life.She has worked extensively with renowned Spiritual Healers Mike Robinson & Jo Le-Rose and brings elements of their exclusive teachings & healing into the world of Hypnotherapy & Regression to offer unique sessions and courses not found elsewhere. 

It is through these teachings with Mike & Jo that Karen developed the pioneering work of Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) & Frequency Hypnosis. In 2006 Karen established The KEW Training Academy Ltd, which offers Classroom & Online training courses. Karen is the author of 2 bestselling books:Past Life Regression; Exploring The Past to Heal The Present & Hypnotherapy; A Simple Solution in a Complex World.  With Karen’s extensive experience, skills & knowledge she has faced, healed & cleared many of her own issues so you can rest assured you are in safe hands. &


Katie Webber

Katie’s passion is to guide people to understand the root cause of their suffering, so they can release it, and be empowered to live the life of happiness they truly deserve. Th is passion was sparked because of her own experience with illness, which led her on a quest to find a way to treat the cause of the disease, instead of just relieving the symptoms.
Katie has a Bachelor of Science degree, as well as a Diploma in Education. She has trained extensively with world renowned international spiritual teachers and healers, Mike Robinson and Jo Le-Rose. Through these gifted teachers she has learnt a unique and powerful combination of healing and counselling techniques, which she has been successfully incorporating into her work for many years.

‘Katie’s understanding is vast! She is where science and spiritual healing meet and that is unique!’ (JD Qld)

“I am passionate about what I do. Many people have a deep yearning to ‘know’ themselves and to understand life. My joy is to witness their joy, when they are empowered to feel and be who they really are, instead of feeling trapped in who they had become.”

Katie facilitates international workshops and courses both in person and online and is also available for personal consultations.


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