Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) Therapist Training –

Living & Changing The NOW!

Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) is a revolutionary therapy that moves your client through their own Consciousness.

If you have experience in Past Lives, Future Lives or any kind of Regression as a therapist, this training moves far beyond the concept of time and anything else you or your clients have experienced.

This course is for anyone that has trained within the fields of Hypnotherapy & Regression and have a passion for these subjects! This is a unique training not offered anywhere else in the world. 

Using powerful Hypnosis & Healing tools this 2 Day training covers:

The Client’s Consciousness on the Physical, Astral & Mental Planes

Consciousness experienced as Parallel Lives

Parallel Decisions made in this lifetime

Energy of Consciousness that still follows those paths

Moments that are “stuck” within the Consciousness on repeat

Specialised techniques to connect with all your lives that are happening NOW

Learning to release & change the NOW in all lives

Receiving information to help in your parallel lives

Being Conscious in your Consciousness! 

Energy Projections 

DNA Healing with Regression

Moving Through The Genetic Lines

The Karmic Wheel

The Consciousness Projections that makes time infinite and much more!

Take your clients into a deeper and more healing journey than ever before!

 Dates: February 2019

Location: Sunshine Coast, QLD 

Price: $599 incl GST 

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