Fully Accredited Professional Body Language Diploma Course

Easy Tools To Understand The Conscious & Unconscious Movements & Postures By Which Attitudes & Feelings Are Communicated.

This course is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association. This course is aimed at those who wish to learn the art of Body Language for themselves and also for those that wish to use it within their therapy business as a tool.

Communication is an amazing thing. We often think that most communication is verbal, and this is how we explain what we need or think. We listen to what someone says, and we interpret the messages within so verbal communications are effective. Verbally, we convey information, it is factual, it is reason BUT if we consider body language, this can be interpreted to reveal emotions, intentions and even, unspoken thoughts.

We all use body language instinctively. You emit these clues and may not even realise you do so. They are subtle but sometimes, they are deliberate. Anyone who is observing or talking to you will gain an idea of what you are saying on a deep level. This is how people identify liars and cheats or how they determine if someone is genuine. But body language can be used to help people engage with each other, to form rapport and close connections and it can be used to show disapproval and contempt. There is a world of language going on all around you and it pays to delve into it. 

Learn the skill of this fully accredited Body Language Diploma course!

Our easy to learn modules include:

The Power of Body Language

The Head Matters

Facial Expressions

Eyes & Lips

The Hands & Torso

Standing Postures

Dating & Flirtation

How To Spot Deception

Final Summary & Bringing It All Together


And Much More!

This course is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.


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