Often in life people wonder why the same thing keeps on happening to them, over and over……repeating and repeating the same pattern…….so as well as wanting to know WHY, they also want to know HOW to break the repeating pattern too……

So, why would these reoccurring events keep happening? It could be that someone has an abusive partner, they may have had abusive partners in the past and once again find themselves in a relationship where someone is abusing them, whether it is physically, emotionally or sexually.

As a Hypnotherapist, I can take the client back into the events within this lifetime and possibly Past Lives to see where this has started from – and WHY. There is a point within childhood which then reoccurs over and over – until it is healed and observed – when the observation happens, the choice of freedom can come in.

As the therapist, I can do healing techniques with the client but it is ONLY when the client allows the events and reasons to come into their conscious mind that they then have the choice to no longer put up with that behaviour, or no longer allow themselves to be part of it.

As the therapist, I cannot do this for the client – IT HAS TO COME FROM THEM.

So, to break repeating patterns – you as the client, as the person with the reoccurring event – you have to make a decision.

It’s like a pathway of 2 roads – one road enables you to continue to carry on as you have been, in the abusive relationship or whatever the issue is – and one road is the road of freedom – which one will you choose? 

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