Frequency Hypnosis – Changing Your Reality & Moving Through Consciousness 

Is it possible to change your reality NOW & in the future? YES!!!

Absolutely……….welcome to Frequency Hypnosis!

This talk looks at moving through your own Consciousness using the tool of Hypnosis.

Leave behind the dogma of the conditioned you

and awake to what you can achieve and want!

Is everything within this moment a projection from your own consciousness?

If that is the case then how many projections of you are living within the physical or multi dimensional now?   Can you change anything in your own projections? YES!!!!! 

If time does not exist as we know it and therefore everything is happening at once, is it possible to become deeply relaxed enough to access that part of you that goes beyond our perception of time and space?

Consciousness is HUGE! 

We are only aware of a very small spectrum of something much bigger, but the real us – our Soul – extends further and further with it’s own projections through that consciousness.

We have been taught and exist within a dimension where time is – BUT when & what projections are we really existing within? Is it possible to change & heal those projections?

Past Lives, Future Lives, Quantum Physics: Are they a concept for the mind?  Or a reality to create with and change to what we really want?

Join Karen on this enlightening talk of self discovery! 

Date: Sunday 29th April 2018 10am until 1pm

Location: The Liner Hotel, Lord Nelson St, Liverpool L3

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