Developing Your Focus & Concentration Course

Maximise Your Brain, Focus, Concentration & Mind!

Powerful Tools For Optimal Mindset, Mental Clarity & Determination

This powerful course on Developing Focus & Concentration enables you to understand and control your Mindset, Mental Clarity, Determination and Focus as they are all interlinked.

This course is aimed at anyone who wishes to learn the techniques for themselves or others.  The course is a mixture of videos, a training manual and self assessment tasks for you to work through.

If you find it difficult to maintain Focus, if your thoughts are negative or muddled, then, you are not alone, and this course is for you.

There are a many reasons as to why someone may find it difficult to concentrate fully. Feeling stressed, self-limiting beliefs or negative thoughts and also poor sleep levels can impact focus, mindset and concentration.

Within this course we look at the importance of positive mindset and how to fine-tune desires and beliefs while eliminating harmful or self-depreciating thoughts. It is important to consider all aspects of change as even the smallest element can limit focus and impact concentration levels. The course also looks at ways to improve mental clarity including mindfulness, meditation, goal setting and values that can lead to increased focus.

Our easy to learn modules include: 

Introduction to your Developing Your Focus & Concentration Course

Your Developing Your Focus & Concentration Course Training Manual PDF

Developing Your Focus

Eradicating Harmful Thoughts

Mindfulness & Focus

Positive Goals – Positive Focus

Self Assessment Tasks

A Self Hypnosis Track For Motivation To Increase Focus & Concentration



And Much More! 

This course is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Price: WAS £299 NOW JUST £99 

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