I have worked in therapeutic fields for many years and have been blessed to come into contact with many clients and students over the years  and I do think sometimes that not many things shock me as I have seen and heard many things over the years. 

However, as I skip through various Social Media accounts of mine today, I am shocked and saddened, sickened even by some posts and words from people that I have connected with over the years.

Certain people show themselves to be “spiritual” with some of their posts or the courses that they take. But dig deep or just under the surface and a whole different story is shown.

Each person – including myself – needs to take a look at themselves honestly. What are your thoughts, your words, your actions?

If they contain any form of making yourself separate from others, be it – gender, race, age – ask yourself – why do you feel separate from the person you are talking about?

Where has this feeling of being superior come from?

Why is there no COMPASSION in your words, your life, your world? 

Until each and every one of us looks at ourselves deeply in this way, the world will continue to be full of madness. It starts with YOU and YOU only. 

Karen x



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