Another great post this week in our Past Life Regression group (which you have free access to, if you have or are studying with us – KEW Training Academy for this subject) 

A student had done a session with a client going back into a Past Life and the most prominent parts of the session were about a contract made in that Past Life that was still affecting the client today & the responsibility that the client had from that contract towards another person in that life. 

That particular morning, I had been talking about how if ALL lives are happening at the same time then our energy can be fragmented and separated.

A good exercise is to observe yourself over the course of a day – how much time do you spend “drifting off” or “somewhere else”?

Perhaps your mind is still playing out scenarios that have happened, perhaps your mind is with another person, whatever it is – notice if you are anywhere other than being present in the moment. It’s likely most of us are 😉

So, if our energy is fragmented and elsewhere – then these contracts & promises can drift overand affect us in this lifetime…..

If there is no past, no future – only this moment – bring your conscious awareness back to where it needs to be – right here NOW! Do not allow your mind to go off and be elsewhere or to run scenarios over and over what has happened. Bring your energy back to where it belongs – right here now in this body, in this lifetime.

In my Advanced Past Life course – I go more in depth into how to do this – BUT this has inspired a mini series of webinars from the posts my wonderful and talented students give me, so watch this space…..details coming soon….

Speak soon,

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