Fully Accredited Professional Numerology Diploma Course

Tools To Give Unique Insights Into Navigating Your Life Using Numbers! Professional Diploma Course

This course is aimed at those who wish to expand their knowledge of Numerology or to set up or expand their therapy business using Numerology. The course is a combination of videos and an in depth training manual.

Our Professional Diploma course about Numerology gives you quick, easy and powerful tools to navigate your life!

You may not notice it on a day to day basis but numbers are everywhere. You may even have a preference for using the same numbers all the time, perhaps when you purchase lottery tickets where you insist on using favoured numbers each week. You may have a lucky number too without fully comprehending why!

The reason for choosing certain numbers may go much deeper than you imagine and this course shows you how to use numerology so that it benefits your life.

There are three major types of numerology including Kabbalic, Chaldean and Pythagorean and this Diploma Course covers them all.

Numerology affords a unique understanding of who you are as a person and explains how you can develop and reach your true potential in life.

You will learn how to analyse the name given to you at birth and your birth date too and comprehend the meaning of letters and how they relate to those numbers between 1 and 9. Numerology is also great fun and the whole family can be involved!

Our easy to learn modules include:


Introduction to your Fully Accredited Professional Numerology Diploma Course

Your Fully Accredited Professional Numerology Diploma Course Training Manual PDF

The History of Numerology

Getting Started With Numerology

Your Birthday Number

Calculating Your Life Path

Your Personal Year

Triad Numbers

Final Summary & Self Assessments


And Much More!

The course is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Price: WAS $299 NOW ONLY £99

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