Today is the funeral of my very dear Uncle. He passed away a few weeks ago from a heart attack, he was in his 80’s with early signs of Alzheimers so in a way, it was a blessing really that the Alzheimers didn’t take over any longer. 

As a Past Life Regression specialist, I encounter death a lot. Taking people back into their Past Lives means that there is surely only one conclusion at the end, the life ends. But the end is purely a transition, nothing happens to the Soul but the gentle movement into being free – or so we think. 

So, exactly what happens? Let’s take away religion, let’s take away belief. Is there something beyond what we have “brought” into in this life? There is but only if you can drop all belief, all fear and all conditioning.  Even as the Soul passes into freedom – is there a trap there – an illusion waiting to bring it back to earth? Is the Soul ever really free……? 

All this makes for wonderful reflection… you continue your own journey throughout life and then death, are you going to be free from belief? Are you going to come back in another life or is this part of an illusion? If the words were written here of the truth, would you take them on as a belief? Or would you quietly hear the whisper of the Soul as it uncovers the wonders of things that are much bigger than this human existence can ever imagine….?

I wonder if Uncle Ernie did and where he is now? 

Karen x

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