We are more than a just a physical body, we have an energy body that is governed by our energy centres – the Chakras. When your chakras become blocked or are not operating so effectively, we can start to feel run down, depressed and low.

Being aware and healing these deep aspects of yourself can restore balance, lightness and wellbeing in your life and health.

This course introduces you to the main Chakras within the body and their meanings. Find out where they are located, what they relate to and which organs they affect and how you can use them to bring healing and balance into your life.

This course goes very in depth into the following modules:

Introduction to the course

What Are Your Chakras & Energy Body

What Is Energy

The Main 7 Chakras within the Body

Important Additional Chakras to work with

Introducing Meditation & Visualisations for Well being

Meditation for Keeping Your Chakras Clear

Energetic Protection & Do You Need This?

Meditation For Setting Your Highest Spiritual Intention

Awareness of Your Thoughts & Feelings

Bringing it all together & Summary of the Course

And much more! 

Over 1 1/2 hours of video content to take you through the course at your own pace

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