Karen is at the very forefront of Hypnotherapy training. She offers a unique and fully comprehensive course, that evolves with the times and enriches & educates each & every student.

 The KEW Training Academy is the only place where you can train with the creator of the Karen E Wells specialised Regression Techniques and absorb her never ending passion for the subject. What makes this course different to every other Hypnotherapy training course is the unique in depth healing modalities & Age Regression training that is so essential for clients to fully heal from their issues. 

Our Intensive Professional Hypnotherapy Diploma course offers unlimited & dedicated support via email & phone as well as a private dedicated support group for each training group.

Our course is a fully accredited Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma course accredited by CTAA, so you can rest assure it is of the highest quality. 

On this course you will learn everything you need to become a qualified Professional Hypnotherapist. Included is all your training material which includes classroom based teachings, a comprehensive training manual, scripts, inductions, & consultation forms for your client, as well as all the subject matters covered below.

You will also observe practical demonstrations by Karen so you can see exactly how to put the sessions together and how to word them for maximum effect & success. 

Each student will also experience Hypnosis as a therapist and as a client to also ensure and cement a solid foundation of learning on the course. In order to obtain the Diploma, a written assignment and case studies are required. 

This Hypnotherapy course is the only one of its kind world wide that teaches specialised Age Regression techniques. This is an imperative part of being a successful Hypnotherapist and you will not find this subject matter covered elsewhere. So, not only will you become a fully professional Hypnotherapist but a Regression Specialist too.

The course runs in 2 parts: An Online Section & 5 Days of Classroom Teachings. This gives an overall balance of learning, case studies, & practical demonstrations to the course.

The first part to the Intensive Hypnotherapy training is done Online. Once you have booked and paid for your place, you will be sent the link to access the Online portion of the training.

This covers the following subject matters:

• The History of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – and the difference between the two

• The Great Hypnotherapist’s of our time

• The Conscious & The Subconscious mind

• Different States of Hypnosis

• The 7 Principles of Hypnosis

• The Consultation

• Managing Expectations

• Clean & Clear Language

• Rapport

• Matching & Mirroring

• Body language

• A Hypnotherapist’s toolkit

• The Placebo Effect

• Understanding Transference

• Abreactions and Cathartic releases

• Suggestion Therapy

• Regression Therapy

• Suggestion Vs Regression

• Ideo motor signalling

• Hypnotic Deepening

• Guided Imagery

• Subliminal messages

• Suggestibility tests

• Different Inductions

• Anchoring

• Post Hypnotic Suggestions

• Hypnotherapy for Confidence, Deep Relaxation & Stress Management Theory & Practical Demostrations



The second part of the training includes 5 Days of Intensive Classroom teachings with Karen. The Classroom teachings bring everything together and expands to the more complicated issues that Hypnotherapy can help with. This includes 2 days of Age Regression training not found elsewhere. 

Part 2 Hypnotherapy Training includes:

Fears & Phobias

Weight Loss & Gastric Bands

Age Regression (2 days)

Healing Modalities 

Stop Smoking

Pain Management



Practical Demonstrations by Karen

Post Hypnotic Suggestions

Group Hypnosis Sessions

Marketing Yourself as a Hypnotherapist to stand out from the Crowd

Public Liability Insurance

& So Much More….

Dates: TBA

Location: TBA

Included: Unlimited Access To Hypnotherapy Training Online Part 1 (A New & Dynamic Training from Karen) 5 Days Classroom Teachings, Tea/Coffee & Lunch on all 5 days classroom teachings, Unlimited Support for 1 year post training. 

Cost: £799 



I was privileged to attend Karen’s amazing Hypnotherapy training course. Her knowledge, guidance and intuitive approach was enlightening and much more of a wonderful experience than I ever expected. Hypnotherapy is a genuinely wonderful and effective healing tool, and the course was delivered by a woman with the same qualities. Im excited to put my new skills into practice! 

Hypnotherapy is something I have thought about doing for many years, often searching the internet for courses nearby and always finding myself blocked from going forward with it. When I found the KEW Training Academy I realised why had been blocked, I was waiting for these courses to become available! Karen has so much experience and is a really skilled and patient tutor. She effortlessly and generously gave so much of her knowledge that I came away confident in my own skills and ready get out there and help people.The ongoing support following your training means you never feel alone and your clients are getting the benefit of years of practice from the day you start. I am very much looking forward to further training with Karen and The KEW Training Academy and my new career as a Hypnotherapist.

JS, Cheshire

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