It’s You In That Chair

Having worked within the fields on training in certain therapies for many years now, the introduction of Online Learning can be a blessing and not a blessing!

I’m all for not being restricted, this is one of my things in life that I am here to deal with so the concept of enabling people all over the world to train in certain therapies really appealed to me. A good friend once said that it was an offering of opportunity. 

In society today, many people that suffer from certain issues want a quick fix. I was contacted recently by a student of mine who is doing really well in many Complementary Therapy fields. She had been asked about a quick solution using Hypnotherapy for an addiction. 

Society may want a quick fix and therefore does that reflect in you as a therapist?

Online learning can be fantastic, it removes restrictions of location so you can study wherever you are in the world at a much more reasonable price than attending a classroom course. 

It can appeal to those though that want to buy a Online course for a very low amount of money and sometimes in less than a day think they are qualified in that therapy. 

Learning as a therapist and a person, never stops. You owe it to your client who trusts you, is spending their hard earned cash on your help to be the very best you can. I have specialised in Regression for many years now as a therapist and a tutor within these fields and I never stop learning – about myself and where these therapies can help my clients. 

After all – it’s ME that is sitting in that chair. It’s ME that is in front of the client. It’s ME that needs to know what I am doing so I know how to help my client. It’s my reputation and self belief/respect on the line. This is why I will never stop learning. I will never stop looking at the issues I have because if I have them, then surely society has them? We are all connected. 

So, if you have taken the benefits of Online Learning – it’s not a quick fix of a change of career or skill for you. It’s an opportunity to do something you love and in something you love comes a passion. It’s a passion of knowledge for yourself, society and your chosen career. It’s YOU in that chair.

Karen x & 

PS We are proud to announce all of our courses; Online & Classroom are accredited now by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association – 

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