I saw this picture today and it captured my attention. It reminded me of a scenario that happened recently between myself and a friend. Unfortunately the situation had become too much in different ways, however once the dust settled, it was time for reflection and reflection I did.

Have you ever held on to anger, disappointment, grief or any other emotion? It can feel like it consumes you, takes over your life and never goes…….

What if you were to put down your sword (stop fighting and being angry), compassionately meet the person with the issue and have an honest conversation. A conversation about how you feel – truly saying how you felt at the time and truly saying how you feel now. Not with anger – but with FACTS.

Sometimes as our mind goes over and over what has happened, it can embellish the situation and turn it into something that it isn’t or wasn’t. Truth is based on facts and facts only. It is devoid of emotion – it clearly states what has happened.

If you allow yourself to see that and the facts, can you meet that person in that field beyond wrongdoings and right doings? Can you allow yourself to be open 100% and with complete vulnerability? Can you let the emotion go and come into acceptance and forgiveness?

It can be a hard journey but if you can, the weight has lifted and you are no longer emotionally, karmically tied…..

Can you reflect in your life where this has happened? Come & Join our 2 Day Letting Go of The Past & Releasing The Karmic Ties workshop……. and see how letting go can really help to heal your life.

Karen x

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