Sometimes we are so in our own world, it’s very hard to lift your awareness from that to see a bigger picture of what is going on.

This week at my daughter’s nursery, as we were driving towards it, a lady was just about to go in to the nursery with her son. He however, had other ideas! He was in the middle of the loudest and biggest tantrum I have ever witnessed. Now, my daughter is 3 years old and she has had her fair share of tantrums but really nothing on this scale. 

He was shouting for his Daddy and as we approached the nursery, this lady held the door open and apologised (presumably for her son’s behaviour) but as a parent, you absolutely know that no apology is needed.  

The sounds of the tantrum echoed though the nursery and the little lad was consoled by the nursery staff. It was a regular occurrence apparently. His Mum told him she loved him and off she went, you could see the tears in her eyes, bless her. Her son was fine, as soon as she had gone downstairs, all was calm and fine (these little ones test us parents!!)

I had an overwhelming feeling to ask if this lady was ok. There were other parents who bought their kids in at the same time as me and it was interesting to observe how they just put their heads down and carried on. 

I got in the car and drove to where she was walking – lowered the window in the car and asked her if she was ok. She clearly wasn’t – any kind of tantrum can really upset not only the child but the parent too, bringing up feelings of guilt and all kinds. I gave her a lift back up the hill from the nursery and we just chatted about what had happened. 

Sometimes in life, all it takes is to lift your head up and ask someone if they are ok. I’d want someone to ask me too and say hey – it’s ok, these things happen.

We are all so involved in our world, or don’t want to lift our heads up to enquire about another…….but all it takes is to just take a moment. It’s amazing in that sharing how both of us left on a high feeling much better. 

Yes tantrums may still happen and the lad was fine. And maybe if that lady sees another parent suffering and feeling bad, maybe she will take a moment, lift her head and just say Are You Ok?

Have you stepped out of your world today?

Karen x

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