The Little (Or Big) Nudge 

Many times in life we are faced with a decision. 

That decision could seem huge or small but choices have to be made. 

So, do you stay in the same situation, where you are or do you listen to that Nudge, take a leap of faith with action and move on? 

The bigger part of us, the real part, the Soul, whispers to us constantly. Do you allow yourself to listen?

Many times I have been faced with choices, as we all have. Some of them have involved listening to the real me and moving away from what has been perceived as security, often financial. I’m at that crossroads now – so do I listen within to the Nudge that has been going on for a while and take the action, or do I stay small and allow myself to stay as I am? 

The feeling that accompanies all of this is a familiar feeling. It has guided me through this lifetime and many many others, always waiting in the background, urging me to move forward, often through “perceived” painful experiences.

Everything has led to this moment right now.

So, if I listen to that Little (or Big!) Nudge – life will open up in so many ways – I’m getting the glimpses already. 

But if I choose to stay stuck, there’s a part of me that feels dead inside, un listened to. The real us, our Soul, knows what is around the corner, what great experiences can come next year, the year after, for me and my family. 

Time to take that leaf of faith, it can be ignored no more. Can you?

Karen x


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