Having just returned from 2 week’s holiday, whilst away I learned of the attack at Manchester Arena. The attack happened at night and I was getting up very early the next morning – 430am – to take a friend back to the airport who had been visiting us in Spain on holiday. 

I checked my Facebook at that early time and happened to see a post from a student of mine in Liverpool about her children at Manchester Arena and what had happened. I quickly checked the BBC News website and felt absolutely sick. I have family, nieces and nephews in Manchester that could easily have been at the concert. 

Later that morning we checked the family were ok which luckily they were. School friends of my nieces & nephews were at the concert and heard the explosion but thankfully were not hurt. 

I couldn’t come back from my holidays and not write about this. My heart goes out to all those affected in what happened and all those left behind that have to come to terms with the huge gaps left from their friends and family that haven’t been so lucky.

Manchester in many ways holds a special place in my heart. Coming from the Midlands, Manchester was my adopted home for many years and I have a love for the city and for the people. Aside from family still there, I have many friends in Manchester and have had many students from the Manchester area as well as other areas from the North West that have also been affected too. 

There has been an absolute emptiness that does not have words in relation to what happened. The event does not need to be described here either as it will stay with all affected and all that feel it. 

Manchester – you have my heart.

Karen x

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