Master Your Public Speaking – Fully Accredited Course

Easy & Effective Techniques For Successful Public Speaking – Hypnotherapy for Overcoming Your Blocks!

This course is aimed at those that want to Master their Public Speaking or those that are trained in Hypnotherapy that want to help people overcome Public Speaking issues. 

People have a fear of Public Speaking because there is something running in the background within the subconscious that still drives this fear forward. This course enables you to see what that is, resolve it and use the tools to move forward & Master Your Public Speaking.

The course has been created by Karen E Wells who has worked with thousands of clients & students and helped them to overcome their fear of Public Speaking. 

Using the powerful tool of Hypnotherapy, you can explore what is holding you back from being a Master Public Speaker and then moving to seeing yourself as a powerful Master Speaker. Easy & Very Effective. 

When we see a well-known politician or celebrity giving a speech in public, it is easy to wonder how they manage to speak with such ease in front of an audience. The truth is that few people are naturally able to stand up and present with confidence, most will have had training. There are people who can capture the attention of their audience with very little training but, public speaking is an art form and there are techniques to learn and so, practice alongside basic training is paramount for success.

It can be difficult to stand up and present to small or large audiences, but many people find it daunting to present to those that they know. This is because they are concerned they will become tongue-tied or make a mistake. Presenting to a large group also adds a different type of pressure. If your message is of some importance, then, this increases the pressure to perform well. Public speaking can be a standalone career, but it is also a skill much-sought after by businesses and many companies ask potential candidates to prepare a mock presentation as part of the interview process. Having the skills to be able to present as and when necessary is a bonus and can provide many opportunities. If you are not able to stand up and speak publicly, it can hold back a career. Certainly, being able to engage an audience from start to finish can transform your own life in many ways.  

In this course, we are going to look at every aspect of public speaking and raise your confidence levels. You are going to discover all the best tips and transform your mindset and, you will glean all the information you need to become a confident public speaker, one who looks forward to an audience.

The course includes videos and a training manual PDF with self assessments. Everything you need to overcome the fear of Public Speaking.

Our easy to learn modules include:

Introduction to the Master Your Public Speaking Course

The Master Your Public Speaking Course Manual PDF for download

The Key Elements of Successful Public Speaking

More Tools For Successful Talks

How To Banish Fears of Public Speaking

Successful Research & Why Public Speaking Matters

Understanding What Blocks You From Successful Public Speaking

A Hypnotherapy Session To Understand & Clear Your Blocks

A Hypnotherapy Session For Mastering Your Public Speaking


Bonus Lecture

This course is fully accredited by CTAA – Complementary Therapists Accredited Association.

Price: WAS £299 – NOW JUST £99! 


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