Moments Stuck In Time

Have you ever wondered why you keep recalling the same memories years later, over and over again? Does it feel like these moments, however painful are just stuck in time and reliving themselves? 

These moments are “stuck” within your energy field, crying out for you to let them go and they do that by bringing themselves into your conscious mind so you are aware of what needs healing. The stuck moments actually manifest here in the physical plane in many different ways as well as become stuck on the Astral and Mental planes too. 

Most people have unresolved issues from their past that they need to deal with. Those moments may be affecting their Parallel Lives too, the other lives of theirs that are happening right now (There are no Past or Future Lives – everything is now)

If you are a Therapist with experience in Regression, then I am holding a 3 day workshop here in Lancashire, UK for you to learn all the techniques needed to help your client heal these moments in this lifetime and their Parallel Lives (as well as on the Astral & Mental planes).

This training goes far beyond any Regression training that you may have done before. 

Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) is a pioneering new therapy not found anywhere else in the world. 

If you want to train in this field, here’s where you can come along and experience it or train for yourself:

UK or Australia Parallel Quantum Lives 1-2-1 Sessions with me or Facetime/Skype sessions

Liverpool, UK 29 April 2018 : 1/2 Day Talk

Lancashire, UK: 3 Day Practitioner Training 23-25 April 2018

Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia: 2 Day Self Development Workshop with myself & Katie Webber – 11/12 May 2018

Brisbane, QLD, Australia: 2 Day Practitioner Training 29/30 May 2018

Hope to see you soon!

Karen & 


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