The KEW Training Academy is offering this Online Training Course for Past Life Regression Training for those with an interest in Past Lives who want to start up or expand their practice by using Regression techniques for this lifetime or for Past Lives. This course is unique and offers training in Past Life Therapy that is not offered elsewhere anywhere! If you wish to combine Regression with Healing, this is the course for you.

Some people find it more convenient to take the Distance Learning Package rather than attending the training in person. By doing the Distance Learning you can go at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office and work through the Training Manual when it suits you. You also save money on hotel & travel expenses that you would normally incur by travelling to the training. So, where ever you are in the world you can do the Distance Learning Training Course. This also comes with unlimited support from Karen via phone or email for 12 months from the date of purchasing the Distance Learning package.

All students will receive a certificate certifying Qualification in Past Life Therapy training upon successful submission of 5 Case Reviews within 12 months.


If you are unfamiliar with Regression and what it can do for your clients, this training course is unique and full of wonderful techniques that enable you to pinpoint certain things in your clients life that will have impacted on them and manifested as issues in this lifetime or their Past Lives. Whether Regression is new to you, or you need to brush up on new techniques, this is a great training course to add to your existing therapy tools.

This course covers the essential aspects of Regression for this lifetime and Past Lives. Not only will you be able to confidently regress your clients back to issues in this lifetime, but you will take them on an inner journey through time to their Past Lives.

This course is packed full of Techniques, Case Examples, Healing Modalities and everything you need to learn to use Regression in your every day practice with your clients.

Suggestion Therapy has its place, but to get to the root cause of issues in this lifetime, and your client’s Past Lives, Regression is needed. Both of these courses contain amazing techniques to uncover issues that may have been dormant for many years or lifetimes with your clients. These include amazing healing techniques that Karen has found to be very successful with many of her clients.

The Course contains the following:

The Training Modules – 4 Modules taking you through every part of the session with your client – from the first time they contact you, to regressing them back in time, to when you follow up with them weeks or months after the session.

An additional Module on Hypnosis if you have no prior experience of Hypnosis – this will cover all aspects & the history of Hypnosis & how it is used for Regression and much more.

The Training Manual – An In Depth look at Regression in this lifetime and Past Lives. Learn what can happen in Regression sessions, how to deal with events and how to enable your client to heal from those times so they can move forward in this lifetime. Also included are Age & Past Life Regression Scripts, Case Review Examples & Obtaining your Qualification & Certification. 

An in depth look at Age (This Lifetime) & Past Life Regression. Discovering what your clients can achieve from individual and multiple sessions. Looking at how certain events in your clients life & Past Lives have now resulted in particular issues that they are dealing with.

The process of Age & Past Life Regression – the Hypnotic techniques you will use to enable your clients to go back in time to where the issues started in this life & their Past Lives.

An explanation of the Origin Of Distortion – what this is, when it happens, and how to find it.

Learn to Regress your Clients back through Childhood Memories to the Womb and Beyond

Explore Healing Opportunities – Understand how events in this life & Past Lives are affecting your clients hundreds & thousands of years later and learn how to heal those events enabling your clients to finally move forward

How to enable your clients to explore contracts, promises and residual energy from Past Lives that is still affecting them today

Let your clients recognise souls in their Past Lives that are in their current life today

3 Audio Recordings of Demonstrations – Hear Karen regresses someone back through this lifetime to particular points and also to their Past Lives, so you are free to listen to these as many times as you wish to further your own learning.

The training manual includes a choice of scripts for students.

And Much Much More…….!

Students will receive a certificate certifying Qualification in Past Life Therapy training upon successful submission of 5 Case Reviews within 12 months. The course is fully accredited by IICT. 

Click here to buy this course – was £299 now only £99! 

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