Welcome to our Professional Crystal Therapy Diploma. Within this course you will explore the history of crystals and their potential as a healing/holistic therapy. This course provides you with a unique insight into crystals, their energy and how to set up as a Crystal Therapist.

Crystals have been used for Millenia as an aid in everyday life and for healing and they continue to do so today. This course explores crystals and their unique uses in both of these areas in detail and can be used as a vital stepping stone towards a new career or as a voyage of self discovery.

Our easy to learn modules include:

The History of Crystals

What Crystals Are

Choosing, Cleansing, Energising & Storing Your Crystals

A Guide to 20 Commonly Used Stones

Crystal Shapes & Their Uses


Self Treatment Exercises


Client Care & Your Consultation Process

Client Treatments

Crystal Grids & Sets

Pendulum Dowsing

Developing Your Practice

Learn these valuable skills to help yourself and others. This course is accredited by CTAA

Price: WAS £299 – NOW ONLY £99!

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