Our Feng Shui course is an in-depth course designed to guide you through the complexities of this ancient philosophical system with an aim of enhancing and harmonising you with your surrounding environment.

The course has been created so each module is presented in a user-friendly way to help you to understand and to utilise this new-found knowledge within your life.

Feng Shui refers to Chi or life force that exists all around us, our environment of home, work, our health, our finances. To learn the art of Feng Shui enables you to master the Chi and to bring about benefits using the techniques in the course to improve these areas of your life. This course focuses on Feng Shui within the home as a starting point so that you can feel the changes taking place while you create a more harmonious existence which then reflects into other areas of your life.

Learn the basis of the traditional art and bring those changes into yourself and your home. This Diploma course can be used for yourself or to teach others the art of Feng Shui.

Please note that no assessments for the course qualification will be accepted before 6 weeks have passed from the purchase of your course, this is to ensure that you have gained a full understanding of the subject matter.
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