Welcome to this professional study course on Meditation.  It  has been carefully  designed to provide an in-depth look into the whole meditative process enabling you to achieve the many benefits that come with regular practice.

It is filled with self-study assessments, tips and hints to help you achieve the best results while understanding the origins and ethos of meditation. This is a diploma level course which means that you will be eligible to teach meditation should you choose to do so after qualification.

Meditation has a long, illustrious history and perhaps it has never been needed as much as now. With  all  of  the  modern  day  stresses  and  strains,  meditation  is  a  successful  form of  stress reduction which promotes health and well-being.  Meditation has evolved over thousands of years into the structured practice of modern times. Its roots in ancient times were linked with Buddha and is now becoming part of our western culture with its many benefits.

In this Diploma course you will learn:

What is Meditation

The Mediative Session

The Stressful Mind


The here and now

Preparing fro Meditation

A sacred Space

Opening the heart

Meditation Videos


Teaching Meditation

We are an accredited school of CTAA

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