The KEW Training Academy is offering this Online Training Course – Life Between Lives – Between Lives & Beyond for those that have prior experience of Past Life Regression and wish to expand their practice into Life Between Lives Regression.

Life Between Lives was discovered by Dr Michael Newton who was the pioneer for this work. Michael has now retired but has formed TNI (The Newton Institute) based in the US to carry on his legacy.

Karen has been part of the Training Team for TNI (The Newton Institute) teaching Life Between Lives Regression in the USA and assisting & participating in Europe. Karen’s skills and experience means that there is nowhere else that offers this training with the combination of healing & regression anywhere in the world.

Karen has also worked extensively with Mike Robinson (International Spiritual Teacher & No 1 Amazon Author) and combines both elements of Regression & Healing to make these unique courses.

Some people find it more convenient to take this Online Training Course rather than attending the training in person. By doing this option,  you can go at your own pace in the comfort of your home or office and work through the Training Manual when it suits you. You also save money on hotel & travel expenses that you would normally incur by travelling to the training.

So, where ever you are in the world you can do this Online Training Course. This also comes with unlimited support from Karen via phone or email  for 12 months from the date of purchasing the course.

All students will receive a certificate certifying Qualification in Life Between Lives training upon successful submission of 5 Case Reviews within 12 months.

This course covers the essential aspects of a Life Between Lives session. The course is very in depth and covers all aspects of everything you need to learn to confidently take your client into the Life Between Lives space. It is packed full of Techniques & Healing Modalities.

This Online Training Course contains the following:

The Training Modules – 4 Modules that take you through every part of the session with your client – from the first time they contact you, to regressing them back in time through to a Life Between Lives session, helpful hints to assist you along the way, and following up with them weeks or months after the session

The Training Manual – An In Depth look at Life Between Lives Regression – what this is and how it can help your client. Understanding each part of the session from a typical “Textbook session” to Sessions that go their own way – and having the confidence and experience to deal with any situation that occurs.  Also included are 2 Life Between Lives Induction Scripts, Case Review Examples & How To Obtain your Qualification & Certification.

3 Audio Recordings: 1 Self Hypnosis Recording for Preparation to help get your client ready for the session and to start the Memory Recall process & 2 Recordings of actual Life Between Lives sessions. You can listen to them as often as you wish to enhance your learning

The history of Life Between Lives – how Dr Michael Newton regressed over 7000 case studies over 40 years and what his findings were.

The Consultation/Pre-Talk process and how important this is for you and your client.

The structure of a Life Between Lives session, taking your client’s back in time through Childhood Memories, into the Womb, a Past Life and then onto Life Between Lives.

An explanation of the Origin Of Distortion – what this is, when it happens, and how to find it. Learn how this affects your client’s current life and every Past Life they have ever had and how this sets up the karmic pattern in each life.

An in depth look what happens in a Life Between Lives session – the places your client may go, the experiences they may have, key questions to assist you to help your client get the most from this session.

Helpful hints along the way that could assist with dealing with potential blocking and many other facets in a session.

Post Session: Bringing your client to conscious awareness, following up with them weeks, months later, how the session and information integrates into their life.

Marketing Advice & Self Care As a Therapist

Within this Online Training package you have from the date of purchase, 12 months unlimited support via telephone or email. The course is fully accredited by CTAA. 



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