Our self-study foundation level course on yoga has been carefully designed to provide an in-depth look into Hatha yoga, the age old system which promotes health and well-being of the mind, body and spirit. This course is written in a structured way to help you to understand the benefits of yoga, to fully embrace the concept of all that it is and to choose a pathway into yoga that suits your needs.

Yoga is far more than physical exercise. Irrespective of age, flexibility or weight, yoga can transform you. Far from being a fad, the yoga of today has evolved from a 5000 year old Indian tradition. While some of the postures may seem extraordinarily difficult, irrespective of flexibility, it’s possible to gain incredible benefits even when movement is limited.

This course helps you to understand your own reasons for starting yoga whether to increase fitness and flexibility or to use yoga as a self-development aid to help combat stress and to increase well-being.

This course enables you to work through modules on our E Learning system at your own pace.

The modules include: 

The Foundations of Yoga 

Yoga & You


Yoga Postures

Yoga Twists

Yoga Know-How

Using Props

Yoga & Meditation

Tips for success

Please note that no assessments for the course qualification will be accepted before 6 weeks have passed from the purchase of your course, this is to ensure that you have gained a full understanding of the subject matter. 



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