Our Online Pilates Foundation Level Training Course is an in-depth course providing you with all the information you need in which to understand and utilise the full benefits of Pilates while incorporating the principles into your everyday life. While this is not a professional level course, it covers all of the crucial elements to help you onto your career path should you then decide to continue your studies leading towards qualifying as a Pilates teacher. 

Pilates is both a complex and simple form of exercise but importantly, it works. A great many people have become converts to the Pilates way for a number of reasons, including those who have struggled with losing weight, or, who have been unable to tone up while practicing other exercise regimes. Regular practice and commitment to learning the fundamental movements in Pilates has enabled them to improve their muscle tone, feel healthy and look great. 

Our easy to learn to modules include:

​What is Pilates

Body Changes


Commencing The Practice

Rising Swan


Advanced Mat Series

Toning The Buttocks & Thighs

Spine Stretchers

Cool Down

Top Exercises & Benefits

Practical Demonstrations of Pilates

An ideal course for those wanting to incorporate Pilates into their life and improve health. 

We are an accredited school of CTAA which accredits this course.


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