Our Professional course on Counselling for Adolescents is designed as an add-on to an existing counselling qualification because it specifically targets the ethos of the adolescent age-range exploring the difficulties and issues that arise so you are able to help them develop and progress in life. 

If you are not a qualified counsellor currently, we strongly recommend you also take our generic qualification as this will enable you to gain a far greater understanding of the skills required so to have a successful counselling practice. In addition, you will be able to reach a great many more people as a result. 
Many professional counsellors specialise in helping adolescents on their developmental path as this is an age group which experiences a wide array of complex issues making this a challenging and yet, rewarding arena to work in. Other counsellors take a general approach and choose to have clients of all ages.

Our easy to learn modules include:

Challenges faced by Adolescents

Childhood Influences

The Family Unit

Mental Health Issues

Effective Counselling

Final Assessment 

This course has a final assessment and upon successful completion, you will receive a Diploma in Professional Counselling for Adolescents. 


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