Our Online Professional Foundation Level Acupressure Training Course is an in-depth self-study course providing you with an abundance of information regarding the health benefits of acupressure and this will form the solid foundations of practice.

An ancient healing art, acupressure requires the use of fingers pressing upon key points on the body rather than using acupuncture needles to stimulate any healing abilities. As pressure is applied to specific points, blood circulation increases and this then promotes the release of any muscular tension. It is worth noting that within acupressure, the same points are used as would be within an acupuncture session but, by comparison to this more well-known therapy, there are no needles used at all. In many ways, this makes acupressure much more appealing, certainly to those clients who require the benefits of acupuncture but who may have an aversion to needles.

There is a great deal of information contained within and each aspect must be studied until it becomes second nature. On completion, you will have the knowledge to practice, you must take an instinctive role toward healing, understanding and utilising the benefits of acupressure while incorporating the principles into your everyday life. 

Our easy to learn modules include:

What is Acupressure?

Massage Techniques

Trigger Points

Fingertip Medicine



Scalp Therapy


Treatment Considerations

Practical Demonstrations of Acupressure Sessions

 Our courses are accredited by CTAA


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