Our Professional Diploma in Hand Reflexology is to be used as an add-on product once you are comfortable with Foot Reflexology. 

 Reflexology is a popular therapy that uses specific reflex points on the hands and feet to improve health and well-being. Although, reflexology is most often practiced on the feet, hand reflexology provides a positive additional skill for any qualified reflexologist.

Reflexology can treat a wide variety of medical conditions including: fatigue, respiratory problems, stress, headaches, back pain or even diabetes. Although non-diagnostic, many clients endorse reflexology as the treatment to promote healing. On any given day, you might be treating clients for anxieties, stress, digestive ailments or endocrine problems as well as to increase feelings of equilibrium and healing. 

It is important to note that the content within this course is aimed at the professional reflexologist as it does assume existing knowledge about reflexology, anatomy and physiology so only provides information relative to reflexology of the hand. 

Our easy to learn modules include:

About Hand Reflexology

Nail & Hand Disorders

Reflexology Points


A Hand Reflexology Session Practical

Demonstrations of Hand Reflexology

When not to use Reflexology

We are an accredited school of CTAA


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