Our specialised Professional Level Online Course on Relationship Counselling is an in-depth study course and considered as an add-on qualification for professional counsellors. It is also suitable for study alongside a traditional counselling qualification.

Some couples seek professional help not just because they are experiencing deep relationship problems but because their relationship has lost its edge somehow, it may have become jaded and they hope that with the right counsellor, they will be able to rekindle their feelings. Other couples will have tried to discuss their problems with each other but may have issues still to resolve. Some couples will have tried to talk out their problems and may have failed and so need expert guidance. ​

It is easy to see why a relationship counsellor may always be in demand.    

Our easy to learn Modules include:

​Emotionally Focussed Therapy

Romantic Attachments

The Emotional Experience


Roles within Conflict

Working Together

Withdrawing & Pursuing

Overcoming Blocks

Final Assessment Paper

Upon successful completion of the final assessment paper, you will be awarded a Diploma in Professional Relationship Counselling. We are an accredited school of CTAA

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