What are Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL)?

How do they compare to Past Lives or even Future Lives? 

Could it be that Past or Future Lives adhere to the concept of time, therefore they refer to another incarnation that has happened in the past, or in the future and so are governed by the concept of time? 

In our present human existence, to function we have the concept of time to help us to understand certain things.

However, does time really exist?  If you can allow your mind to move out of the way (!) there is a deep knowing, a feeling that conveys something beyond time.

Instead of our lives or physical incarnations living one life after another, could it be that all lives are happening at the same time, NOW in this moment? Instead of regressing back into a Past Life or forward into a Future Life, is it possible to move to a space inside yourself where you can experience all your lives that are happening now? 

If this is a truth, then it would mean that Jesus was still on the earth. If this was a truth, it would mean that Hitler was still on the earth. But beyond those famous figures, what does that mean to you? 

Could you see the lessons, the events that are playing out right now, all at the same time? What choices are you making and what choices are you not making? What is happening to the energy of those non choices? What is happening to you as a Soul with these projections of you all within physical and maybe not physical forms now? What about those around you that you are interacting with? How is that all happening for them? 

Very big questions and something to reflect upon……..if you are interested in a Parallel Lives session for yourself, contact me!

Karen x

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