Many people want to know what they are “supposed” to be doing in life – what is their life purpose? So, if someone says to you – What Is Your Passion, do you know what that is? 

I was very lucky this week to attend a talk on Egypt & The Valley Of The Kings by Dr Joann Fletcher here in Wigan. I’ve always loved Egypt and I’ve always loved Dr Fletcher’s programmes on TV. What came across was her absolute love and passion for Egypt. There is nothing better than an engaging subject & host who speaks about their passion, it really does light up something inside. 

Passion is often linked to purpose – if you are passionate about something, you can talk about it in your sleep, when you are upside down, there is no thought there, the passion just comes spilling out 🙂

What was interesting was that Dr Fletcher mentioned during the talk that she was told as a child: “You can’t be an Egyptologist, you are from Barnsley!” And as she quite rightly stated: “What has that got to do with it!!!”

It’s incredible how as a child, those around us condition us with their thoughts and what they think we SHOULD do. If we present our dream, passion or interest in a subject, career or anything else that isn’t deemed as what we SHOULD do (or what generations of our families have done for many years within the area that they live) then often we are shut down and told that we can’t do that. 

But – we have a passion for a reason! My passion is Hypnotherapy & Past Lives, I want to help others to go beyond that conditioning and explore and heal these deep parts of ourselves. 20 years ago, I was beginning to feel that and I allowed my inner self to guide me through the processes of getting where I am now so that I can go and do this. My passion is my purpose 🙂    (Watch this space for new courses coming soon!)

I couldn’t miss the opportunity of asking Dr Joann Fletcher about Past Lives and her passion – after all that passion for Egypt comes from somewhere, so did she think it could be related to a Past Life of hers? Only the audience heard the answer to that question that day! To meet her and her husband (Prof Stephen Buckley) was an honour and to listen to their passion on the subject of Egypt was incredible. A day to certainly be remembered.

So, if you are wondering what your purpose is in life – what is your passion? If money was not a consideration (in terms of responsibility etc) if you could do ANYTHING – what would it be? There’s your clue – now the question is; Can it be your reality or will you still succumb to your conditioning and what has been expected of you? You have a choice – and that your choice is yours….

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