This course is for you if:

You have an interest in Past Lives and want to become a Past Life Therapist

You want to expand your existing career by utilising powerful tools to help your clients

You want to explore your own Past Lives

You are already a Hypnotherapist but need to understand Regression at its most powerful!

You have a passion for deep healing work

Our  Professional Past Life Regression course is run by Karen and is aimed at those with an interest in Past Lives & those who want to set up or expand their practice by using Regression techniques for this lifetime or for Past Lives.

Karen has many years combined experience in these fields & are at the absolute forefront of Past Life Regression research and education. This subject matter is very close to her heart and she is passionate and committed to the ever growing and changing world of Regression therapeutic work. Her combined knowledge within this field is unparalleled and the course material is not offered elsewhere worldwide.

If you are unfamiliar with Regression and what it can do for your clients, this training is full of wonderful techniques that enable you to pinpoint certain things in your client’s life that will have impacted on them and manifested as issues in this lifetime or their Past Lives. Whether Regression is unfamiliar to you, or you need to brush up on cutting edge techniques, this is a great training course to add to your existing therapy tools.

Suggestion Therapy has its place, but to get to the root cause of issues in this lifetime, and your client’s Past Lives, Regression is needed. This course contains amazing techniques to uncover issues that may have been dormant for many years or indeed many lifetimes. These include some amazing healing techniques that Karen has experienced high levels of success with many of her clients.

The training is covered in 2 parts;

Part 1 is a Specialised Online Training and Part 2 is 2 Days Of Classroom Teachings. 


Once you have booked your place, you will be given access to the Specialised Online Training dedicated to the course.

Part 1 (Online) of the Past Life Regression training covers the following:

 The History of Hypnosis & Hypnotherapy – and the difference between the two

The Great Hypnotherapist’s of our time

The Conscious & The Subconscious mind

Different States of Hypnosis

The 7 Principles of Hypnosis

The Consultation for Past Life Regression

Managing Expectations

Clean & Clear Language


Matching & Mirroring

Body language

A Hypnotherapist’s toolkit

The Placebo Effect

Understanding Transference

Abreactions and Cathartic releases

Suggestion Therapy

Regression Therapy

Contra Indications for Past Life Regression

The 2nd part of the training will be 2 days of Classroom teachings with Karen E Wells.

This will cover:

An in depth look at Age (This Lifetime) & Past Life Regression. Discovering what your clients can achieve from individual and multiple sessions. Looking at how certain events in your client’s current life & Past Lives have now resulted in particular issues that they are dealing with.

• The process of Age & Past Life Regression – the Hypnotic techniques you will use to enable your clients to go back in time to where the issues started in this life & their Past Lives.

• An explanation of the Origin Of Distortion – what this is, when it happens, and how to find it. How this has created the karmic patterns in your client’s life and results in reoccurring events that keep them stuck time after time.

•  Regress your Clients back through Childhood Memories to the Womb and Beyond

• Explore Healing Opportunities – Understand how events in this life & Past Lives are affecting your clients hundreds & thousands of years later and learn how to heal those events enabling your clients to finally move forward

• Exploration of contracts & promises made in Past Lives

• Soul Recognition

• Remaining Residual Energy & Healing

•  The Astral Veil

And Much More…..!

Dates: TBA

Location: TBA

Included: Unlimited Access To Past Life Regression Training Online Part 1 (A New & Dynamic Training from Karen) 2 Days Classroom Teachings, Tea/Coffee & Lunch on all 2 days classroom teachings, Unlimited Support for 1 year post training. In the event of cancellation, the amount is non refundable but can be transferred to another date.

Cost: £399



I came to the Past Life course with an open mind, not sure whether I wanted to learn the skills professionally or just to see for myself what Past Lives can do.

I wasn’t disappointed! The course itself was very in depth and touched on many aspects that I hadn’t even considered! The actual practical session blew me away and I came away from that training with a WOW! I’m so pleased to say that I am now a fully qualified Past Life Regression therapist!

JT, Cumbria

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