Have you ever wanted to train as a Past Life Regression therapist? If you have, then now is your chance! Our training in Past Lives is unparalleled and no where else will you find the depth of training to make you into a fantastic Past Life Regression specialist. 

Our training is aimed at those that are qualified and those that are not qualified in Hypnotherapy. If  you are not, then you simply attend an extra day to make the course 4 days instead of 3. Our unique approach and training means that you have all the support you need to confidently be the therapist you know you can be. 

For 2017, we are also offering our training in 3 UK locations: Wigan, London (N1) & Edinburgh. There are no pre-requisites required from you as the student, just an open mind and heart!

You can be assured of our quality of training. Your course is lead by Karen E Wells who is the world’s No 1 Regression Specialist, the author of 2 bestselling books and has experience as a tutor and therapist in this field for over 11 years. 

So, make 2017 the year you train into what your passion can be and is! We hope to see you there,

The Team at KEW Training


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Email: hello@kewtraining.com

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