Our Professional Lifestyle Consultancy course will enable you to set up in a professional capacity helping others to assess and revamp their lives improving how your clients think, feel and act. Although, it can be equally used to help you improve your own life providing you with the opportunity for personal empowerment.

What is a Lifestyle Consultant? 

The professional world of a Lifestyle Consultant is both challenging and exciting and will afford you the opportunity of meeting people from all walks of life, helping them to become successful in their chosen ventures or, to simply enable them to achieve balance in life, reducing the many stresses of day-to-day living. 

Our easy to learn modules include:

Personal Empowerment

Positive Thinking

Fear of Failure

The Power of the Mind

Connecting with your Clients

Goal Setting

Starting Out

Final Assessment

Upon successful completion of your final assessment, you will receive a Diploma in Professional Personal Lifestyle Consultant. Please note that no assessments will be accepted within 2 months of the purchase and start of the course.


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