In this fast paced world that we live in, everyone wants things done NOW, NOW, NOW! The promise of a quick fix is always appealing, but does it really work?

If you look at quick fixes in relation to Hypnotherapy, then your answer is no. 

Take an average client. If their age is 45, can it be possible to undo all that is causing an issue within 20 minutes?

Imagine for a moment, an onion. To this onion, there are many layers. To really look at an issue, the layers must be undone or peeled off to reveal the root cause. 

For those that have attended either my classroom courses as a student or my personal sessions as a client, you know the answers do not lie within a quick fix. 

There are training schools that practice quick inductions, mainly bought forward from the act of Stage Hypnotist’s and marketed away from “entertainment” to quick fixes but still carrying forward those limited values and strengths.  

A quick fix will help a symptom – with LIMITED results and no long term relief. To really help someone, as the therapist you give them a safe healing space in which to let go of emotions and suppression that have built up during the said 45 years. You guide them gently into a space where they can see where these issues were created and the repeating patterns that have resulted from this. 

The session is NEVER about the therapist but ALWAYS about the client. There is no room for ego, no room to prove the worth of the therapist, it is all client based & client led, after all every person has the answers within themselves. 

I am not a Stage Hypnotist. I am not going to make you do something for entertainment or to promise you a quick fix. My role is to facilitate a session in which you can let go of what is creating your issue and with that you find your own answers from that creation and let them go. 

Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool that can create lasting changes but only if the root of the issue is identified and not if only the symptom is treated. If only the symptom is treated, it will have limited results. 

So, if you are a client seeking someones help, choose wisely. Hypnotherapy is still an unregulated field which means that anyone can set themselves up as a Hypnotherapist or trainer. Go with your gut instinct of the therapist you are approaching and know if they are right for you. 

Is your choice a quick fix or are you really ready to heal? That is the 100 million dollar question and what sets many therapist’s apart……

Karen x

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