It had been a funny few months here in the KEW office. Lots of things had happened and I felt there was something “not right” energetically with my office space. 

It had been a tough few months and I felt an energy was affecting the business in many ways. I contacted a trusted friend who is a absolute whizz at all things energetic and got her to look at my office space. She’s amazing and able to tune in from afar so she doesn’t have to physically be with you to become aware of what the problems are. 

I’m very familiar with Feng Shui but sometimes it is hard to see the woods for the trees, so an outside look is always good 🙂 

Straight away she tuned into a few problems and confirmed what the issues were. Within 2 days there had been significant changes within the business and it all seemed to feel much better almost immediately. Upon my good friends recommendation, the office was completely changed around and now feels amazing – just some simple changes and it’s incredible how it can feel.

I feel really excited about the future of KEW now and finally feel that the space, the company is back with me.

Watch out 2017, because this is going to be an incredible year!

A big thank you to Susie Shaw for your much appreciated help…xx

Karen x

Tel: 01257 254692



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