Self Care When You Are The Therapist

I had an amazing morning today! Normally, my days are pretty hectic with fitting all the needs of an Online & Classroom business in between the hours of 9am – 4pm before my daughter comes home from nursery. It’s been quite a challenge the last 4 1/2 years! 

I am slowly realising the need – and it is a NEED for Self Care.

It’s all too easy trying to run around, operate a business and keep everything afloat (or so they say!) And when you are a therapist yourself, it’s yourself that you often think last about. 

Well, this morning was different. I was up at 530am to have an amazing healing consultation with a dear friend and therapist – Katie Webber. She’s based in Australia so this was a good time frame for both of us as it was within her working hours and before my daughter woke up. Focussing on the self, your emotions and what is happening for you is incredibly important, that I am seeing.

Later that morning, I did an Online Yoga class with the wonderful Lisbeth Skovmand Nielsen, an incredible friend & Yoga Teacher (who created our Online Yoga Teacher course with me).    This was also exactly what I needed. Having come back from Australia the week before, I needed to stretch out all the tension held within my body and in doing so, further releasing from the healing I had with Katie earlier this morning.

The great thing is, I am based in the UK, Katie is in Australia and Lisbeth is in Denmark. Isn’t technology wonderful to connect us all? 

Whatever your role is, whatever you do – remember you are important. You cannot drink from an empty cup, so refill yours and you are good to go!

Have a great day!

Karen x


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