Have you ever had a feeling of deep recognition with another person, a feeling that goes far beyond words and an explanation? Have you met someone and felt like you have known them all of your life in what really is just the space of a few hours?

What is that feeling all about – what does it mean? 

When you have that connection with someone, there is a feeling that goes far beyond words. It can absolutely rock your world, especially if you are not expecting it, which most times you are not! 

When we talk about the Soul, could it be that the connection that you feel is a deep spiritual connection? Feeling this is an incredible gift and can bring with it a feeling of vulnerability, as the connection, the feeling opens something inside of you. 

Could it be that if your Soul is projecting many lifetimes of itself at the same moment, that you could be in fact living moments in time or circumstances and events with this person? 

Sit with the feelings of what this brings up in you. Sometimes it can be joy, love, unexpressed grief – whatever it is – BE with the feeling. If you allow yourself to let go and immerse yourself in that feeling, you may find that spontaneous memories come up that reveal exactly what that connection is that you are feeling and experiencing together. 

It’s a beautiful beautiful experience. If you want to explore for yourself, why not try a Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) session with me?

Karen x

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