The Repeat Button

What is this and why do we often in life hit the “repeat button”?

The Repeat Button is often like a reoccurring event that happens within our lives. It’s begins with a definitive point that happens up to the age of 7 with everyone. It’s almost that this point “kicks off” the karma in this lifetime or our other lives we are experiencing.

Once that point happens, we then have reoccurring events that continue to happen within our life until this cycle is healed.

How can we heal it? Well, its about going back to that definitive point, seeing what the feeling was that was established within us at that time and doing specific healing techniques to let it go. It’s far more painful to carry on living with it moment to moment for each hour, day, week, month, year of your life than it is to let go of it.

Karma can end right now. Are you ready to let that and the Repeat Button go?

Karen x

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