Death is a strange word. With it there come images that are conjured up of many things, including a huge fear around what death is and what may happen during this process. The fear of death is probably the biggest fear in the world! 

If we are a spiritual being living a human existence, then is death something to be feared?

If that is a reality then death can only be a transition back to what we really are – our Soul energy or essence, free of the physical. 

People sometimes feel in the final moments of that physical life that maybe there are regrets or loose ends to be tied up. Maybe there are things needed to be said that were never said before or perhaps even an act of forgiveness, to others or even themselves.

If you fear something called hell, could it be that the creation of your mind would hold you there?

The process of living to our highest intention, observation of yourself in life is so important, then that becomes an inner freedom that once this process happens, becomes an outer freedom.

In life, express what you need to express, love like you have never loved before.

If we can see that the process which is called death, is purely a transition then the fear can be taken away. This blog is dedicated to a dear friend of mine today. 

Much love,
Karen x &


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