Professional Diploma Accredited Course in Hypnotherapy 


Lancashire, UK 

11-15th June 2018 or

3rd – 7th December 2018


Professional Accredited Past Life Regression Diploma Course


18th & 19 June 2018

Lancashire, UK


Professional Accredited Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) Therapist Training


23rd-25th April 2018

Lancashire, UK 


2 Day Workshop – Moving Through Consciousness with Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL)

Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia 11th & 12th May 2018



Australia – Parallel Quantum Lives (PQL) Therapist Training


Brisbane, QLD –

29 & 30 May 2018


9 Day Regression Specialist Training 


1-4 Oct & 5-9 Nov 2018

Lancashire, UK 



1st May 2018

1pm until 3pm


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