I’m lucky enough to have a beautiful office space here in Lancashire – for the most part it is absolutely perfect with what I need……

I moved into the office in August and it was fantastic – very quiet with hardly anyone around. As a Hypnotherapist you can appreciate I need a quiet space! Even when I am not doing 1-2-1 sessions, I am often creating Online programmes and producing video modules for the courses. However, there have been more and more businesses moving in and around my office and with hardly any soundproofing – it’s like hot desking within the same room!!     

Some people might not worry if they are not sensitive to energy, but I always have been and I found that external noise really affects my energy. I can feel the vibration of the words within my energy and it does disturb what I am doing. 

Can you resonate with this? 

I am not suggesting that people tip toe around at all but maybe an awareness of what they project might be nice! It certainly brings up expression where I need to perhaps have a conversation with my new neighbours or maybe it’s just time to move…..but do I really want to leave my haven? Time will tell…..!

Is expression something you need to do too? 🙂 

Karen x

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